Repairs and Other Services

We have fully qualified auto electricians who are experienced in diagnosing and resolving a wide range of electrical faults. We also carry a large comprehensive stock of small electrical components such as bulbs, fuses, relays and whipers to ensure that your work is carried out without delay.Many electrical problems can be resolved while you wait and often do not need extensive diagnosis.

Air Conditioning

We can not only re-gas your air conditioning but should there be other problems outside the scope of most air conditioning re-gas companies our in house speciailsts have the ability to diagnose and repair problems with components or electrics.

You can book a Complete Air Conditioning Service below. Alternatively, you can book a Free Check.

• Temperature checks

• Full visual inspection

• Recovery of refrigerant

• Evacuation of air and moisture from the system

• Leak test

• Recharging to recommended levels, adding fresh system oil as necessary

• Air-conditioning cleaner to clear bacterial build up and remove any unpleasant smells